Do you have issues with how things are in your society, in your city, in your country? Are you trying to find solutions? Are you restless and serious? Are you are seeking ways of doing something about the various issues you see and confront in your immediate surroundings and in the world at large? Then, National Service Scheme, Kirori Mal College brings the second edition of Lok Neeti, Kirori Mal Youth Parliament 2017. You may learn what you have [...]

Metro si ho chali hai ye zindagi…

Metro si ho chali hai ye zindagi… Koun sa station…koun sa gate…. Kab kaha…. Ruk ruk ke….hil hil ke… Chali jaa rahi hai ye zindagi… Betaabiya, zarooratein le, chal rahi hai ye zindagi… Koun sa station…koun sa gate…. Kab kaha…. Rajiv chowk si bhasad liye…. Ek token ki aukaat si…. Chal rahi hai ye meri duniya…. Metro si ho chali hai ye zindagi…. Koun sa station…koun sa gate… Kab kaha…. Umeed mein ki koi seat mile…. Khadi ho safar kar rahi hai ye zindagi… Khulte band darwaazo si ho, chali jaa rahi ye kismat meri… Khwaab 8 [...]

Pyaar Baant Tey Chalo

While the entire world indulges in spending lavishly to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partners or spouses, some underprivileged kids sell roses and other goodies by the roadside to earn their day’s bread. So why not put a smile on those innocent faces by making them feel special and loved and make this Valentine’s week to be cherished for life. Pyaar Baant tey Chalo, is a charitable one day event organized by a group of six enthusiastic students (Subhechha Mitra, [...]

10 spring bucket list ideas to get you started

Each season brings a beauty of its own, but SPRING never fails to cheer our hearts. Dormant plants come to life again. Brown replaced by green. Bushes that looked like sticks a week ago now team with green leaves and new buds. It is the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of sight, sound and colour. The time of year when everything in nature is changing and promising new life and new hope. Spring will soon [...]

10 Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi had an Irish accent Gandhi spoke English with a tinge of an Irish accent because one of his first English teachers was Irish. He walked the entire Earth twice! During his movement, he used to walk around 18 km every day, nearly for 40 years. During his campaign from 1913 to 1938, he walked around 79,000 km, equivalent to encompassing the Earth twice Experiments with smoking and meat-eating! Gandhi experimented with smoking with his elder brother, but [...]